7th place in the Wielkopolska region and 20th place in the national ranking - W.P.I.P. has joined the prestigious team of “Gazele Biznesu”!


“Gazele Biznesu” is one of the most recognizable in Poland economic distinctions promoting the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises. During the edition 2018, W.P.I.P. joined the group of the highest rated companies among 4499 companies classified within the ranking. We took 7th place in the Wielkopolska voivodship and 20th place in the national ranking, maintaining leading position among companies from the construction industry.

The company’s position was dependent on, among other, financial criterion (increase of revenues in 2015 - 2017 expressed as a percentage), growth potential, trustworthiness and honesty in running a business. In the analysed years in W.P.I.P.,  we achieved growth of revenue at the level of 408%.
We would like to thank the whole W.P.I.P. team, as the success would be impossible without its work!


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