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Hochland company was established in Germany and specializes in the manufacture of white and yellow cheese. It one of the largest producers of cheese in Europe. HOCHLAND in Poland has two production facilities.
Implementation of a system of organization and automation process in the manufacturing plant in the Kazimierz HOCHLAND included concept, design, and comprehensive implementation of the internal transport system that collects finished goods in cartons of eight production lines and their transport to the palletizing station with a capacity 1300 pcs / h The transport line is designed with many goals raised-hand communication with the support of pneumatic actuators allow internal communications.
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  • Motoplast - the The "design and construct" contract for MOTOPLAST
  • BASF – production plant completed ahead of schedule!BASF production plant completed ahead of schedule!
  • BESTAStorage hall construction in Wroclaw
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  • POL-MAKDevelopment of production-storage hall for company POL-MAK
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